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Environmental Issue Solved

Right now, 99.9% of all food grade paper has a PE (polyethylene) lining. This is basically plastic, which is not good if you’re trying hard to be environmentally friendly. We were briefed by a five-star hotel group to solve the problem before they would consider using us. After a long search and ‘digging deeper’ into the problem for the answer that has been difficult to solve I have now found the solution that solves their problem.

One of the main problems was finding not only the correct paper but a material that could be used on standard sugar packing machinery and didn’t require any new investment in setting up. A tall order.

We are really pleased to now offer you:

  • A 100% recyclable white paper (without PE)
  • An ecological choice 100% Recyclable Compostable.
  • It’s also biodegradable.
  • Is perfect for personalised print with no contact with the sugar.
  • Can be used to wrap both single or double sugar cubes and sachets.

  • Fact: 74% of paper and 83% of paper-based packaging is recycled Into new products; one of the highest recycling rates of any Material in Europe!

    Source: Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) 2020.

If this sounds like the answer to your environmental objectives, then let’s talk.

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