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Sugar Cubes

Cube sugar, also known as lump sugar, is characterized by its mostly cuboid shape and is made from different types of sugar. The most widespread is sugar cubes made from white granulated sugar or refined sugar. This consists of a particularly high sugar content of over 99 percent and is characterized by a pure white colour and sparkling crystals. Alternatively, brown beet and cane sugar are also used to make sugar cubes. 

To produce sugar cubes, the refined product is moistened and then pressed into cuboids. This makes the individual sugar crystals sticky and forms stable bonds with one another. These are primarily on the surface of the cubes; the connections are weaker on the inside. For this reason, sugar cubes are easy to crush. In the next step, the sugar can be pressed into the desired shape. In most cases, the mass is pressed into sheets and strips and then divided into cubes. The so-called cast cubes are made by filling and solidifying in moulds and dissolve more easily in drinks. Finally, the product is dried so that it retains its desired shape. To ensure a long shelf life and to prevent the individual cubes from sticking together, some producers use release agents in the manufacturing process. During the production of sugar cubes, unusable leftover pieces are created. These are further processed and used to produce granulated sugar.

Sugabranding, can provide both white & brown sugar cubes as single or doubles in a range of wrapping formats including coated white paper, kraft brown paper, or transparent film. Every variation can be personalised with your own branding. We offer two style of wrapping the cubes. Flow-pack and close wrapped style that we refer to as ‘French Café’ style.

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