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High-intensity sweeteners are high-potency sugar substitutes used in small quantities as an alternative to sugar. They contain less food energy than sugar-based sweeteners, making them zero-calorie or low-calorie sweeteners. High-intensity sweeteners are vital in reducing calories as part of an overall healthy diet and physical activity regimen and help prevent diabetes and obesity.

Growing Demand for Natural High-intensity Sweeteners 

Rising death rates due to heart diseases, strokes, obesity, and type 2 diabetes and increasing health consciousness have encouraged a large portion of the global population to shift to low-calorie and nutritional foods. This shift has increased the utilization of natural ingredients as a replacement for artificial ingredients. Natural sweeteners are prominent ingredients in food formulations and replace sugar in foods. Stevia and monk fruit are among the major natural high-intensity sweeteners used in all types of foods, including dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverages, and other functional foods. Health consciousness and consumers’ inclination toward natural products are the factors that drive the demand for natural sweeteners.


According to the International Stevia Council, more than 100 countries worldwide have approved stevia, and products sweetened with stevia are used by more than 4.5 billion consumers globally. The use of natural sweeteners in food & beverage products has increased significantly. For instance, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have started using stevia in their soft drinks. Additionally, according to Cargill Incorporated, the number of natural sweetener-based products launched annually increased from 377 products in 2009 to 5,710 in 2018.


Stevia is a natural sweetener that’s derived from the leaves of the South American shrub Stevia rebaudiana. We are able to supply personalised packaging with your own design /logo etc on a range of packaging formats filled with Stevia. 1.1g of Stevia tastes like 1g of sugar. The packs include Crystallised Stevia packed in ‘Pyramids’, 2×2.5 cubes or sachets. There are concerns however that Stevia leaves an aftertaste for some. 

Alternatively, we can supply granular sweetener Saccharine in both sticks and sachets. These low- calorie sweeteners are the ideal option to keeping it sweet without the added calories, and easy option to pleasing your health-conscious customers. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy. It is about 550 times as sweet as sucrose but has a bitter or metallic aftertaste, especially at high concentrations. Saccharin is used to sweeten products such as drinks, candies, cookies, and medicines.

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